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Putney Garden

Our client was a property developer who had just redone their family home, and had already built a broad porcelain terrace coming from the house.

We commissioned stone for the steps and coping stones to tie in to the existing terrace. We designed broad, generous sized steps that invite you up and into the garden.

We used 2 large hardwood screens to break up the space in the garden, these also provide structure for climbers to grow up. For planting we put in wisteria, which would eventually grow into a green screen, and give the garden a feeling of having separate ‘rooms’. At the back of the garden we created a separate seating area where our clients like to have evening drinks.

The planting brief was to use bright herbaceous planting, and we used stepover apples to border the broad colourful beds.

Photos © Marianne Majerus Garden Images

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