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Kensington Garden

Our clients were renovating their existing houses, combining two townhouses and changing all the levels. We worked with them and their architect to create a garden to work seamlessly with the new interior. We split the garden into three sections, the middle is very classic with an expanse of lawn, to the rear of the plot a broad yew hedge to frame and add privacy and in the foreground of this section of the garden, and highly visible from the dining room inside the house, we put in 4 large Atelier Vierkant planters, to be used as seasonal vases.

On the Left hand side of the garden, adjacent to the kitchen and where the clients sit and barbeque, we added a formal parterre with 4 central trees underplanted with bulbs and white roses.

On the right hand side, alongside the main seating area, we designed two parallel beds, each with four Malus Evereste trees, underplanted with more roses, pittosporum balls and forest grasses.

Behind the seating we added a raised bed with evergreens trees for structure in the winter and Acers for late season colour.

Photos © Marianne Majerus Garden Images

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