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Design Process

A typical garden design process will include the following:


The design process starts with a site visit and initial consultation in order to fully understand your aspirations for your garden.


Site & Photographic survey and drop off reference books

We will carry out a photographic survey of the existing space and leave you a selection of garden reference books from our design library to help provide inspiration for your project, and for you to tag up with likes and dislikes. 


Concept Design meeting

Together we will go through the loaned garden books, and any other references from our project files and mood boards on Pinterest, to clarify the objectives, budget and priorities for your garden. If you have saved up any additional images or magazine pictures as inspiration it is always helpful to share these with us at this point.


Site Plan

We will produce a site survey to scale.



We will start the design process by drawing up ideas for your consideration. This is a fluid stage during which we will keep in regular contact.

We will make recommendations and can source and supply key items eg Furniture, Planters, Parasols, Garden Lights, BBQ’s etc for your garden, if you have not already chosen what you want.


Final Concept

We will look at the latest concept plans with you and agree exactly what will go into the final design.

Once agreed upon we will draw the final design concept to be shared with you, bringing us to the end of Stage One.


Construction Plans and Specifications- as required

Once we have arrived at an approved final concept we can produce a construction drawing, which will include the information needed to build the garden, and may include elevations of some features.

We can produce specifications for materials, furniture, planters and other key items – as required.

We will introduce you to a trusted garden contractor who will quote to build the garden and prepare for planting etc.

NB. For simple terraced London gardens the construction drawing may not be necessary, the contractor may be able to quote and work from the final concept drawing.


Soft Landscaping and Planting

We will discuss in more detail the type of planting scheme you would like, we will then source and cost the plants and trees from a select group of trusted nurseries.

In our experience the planting plan requires the same number of dedicated hours as Stage 1, and this needs to be considered when deciding on timelines and budget for a completed garden.


Planting Plan

This is a separate scale drawing from which we can plant your garden.


Lighting Plan

Please let us know if you would like to include garden lighting which is designed to complement the trees and plants in the planting plan, and may include task lighting for paths or terraces.


Setting out Plants on Site

The planting can be carried out either by your own gardening team or by the garden contractor. Once the plants are delivered, the team will set out the plants and make final adjustments on site.

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